Training Overview.

Real life training for real life work in confined spaces

Workplaces can be dangerous places, which is why health and safety is of great importance. A poor health and safety program affects your business and will put your staff at risk and drive up costs.

Accidents have a human cost, and can affect morale. Employees want to know that they are safe and that those around them pose no danger.
But accidents also directly impact bottom line profits. The safest firms are always among the most profitable – and that is no coincidence.

A good Health and Safety program also protects the reputation of your business. Clients, customers and employees alike will want to see evidence that your site is safe.
Reducing accidents in the workplace cuts the cost of;

legal expenses
insurance premiums
recruitment costs

Employers who access our training services can avoid being placed in a reactive mode which can bring about important and unexpected expenses.

Stay safe and make your site safe – no matter what you do or what size your business is.

Confined space training courses offered include:
• Confined Space Entry
• Confined Space Entry with Escape Breathing Apparatus
• Confined Space Rescue with Patient Packaging
Safe work at heights courses offered include:
• General height awarness
• Safe work at height
• Rescue from height
First Aid training courses offered include:
• Emergency First Aid at work
• First Aid at work Certificate
• CPR and AED

Our courses run weekly in Bury, Lancashire and also at any time to suit a client on their own site. Check our course dates.
We offer comprehensive, well researched and course specific curricula with the most up to date working methods available. All our confined space courses include a large practical training component. We offer both on and off-site training options and ensure training programs are tailored to suit your site specific requirements simulating real working situations.
Successful confined space trainees will gain certification to the national operating standards, assisting your company to meet legislative workplace health and safety obligations.


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