About Us


MWTS are your partners in confined space training

Here at MWTS, we understand that you are a technical professional. But we know that working in confined spaces presents some real challenges for workers. Because of the potential dangers associated with confined space work, it is imperative all workers are appropriately trained to not only work efficiently and safely, but also be able to respond in case of an emergency.

Our range of confined space training courses give you and your staff the skills and confidence to work effectively in confined spaces. Our trainers are all experienced confined space specialists who will confidently guide you through theory, and unforgettable practical hands-on training experiences.
We can assist you in achieving your aim of a “Zero Harm” workplace.

Reasons to Choose Us as Your Confined Space Partner
1. We can solve all your confined space needs!
2. Our unrivaled technical competence
3. National training delivered on or off site, representative of actual work situations and specific to your trade
4. We help you address all your legal obligations and comply with UK Standards.
5. We sell or hire a suite of the latest confined space equipment of the highest standards
6. We can help guide you through the maze of legislation and help you choose the right product for the job.
7. We continually strive to provide you with the most appropriate solution to the problem at hand. Our knowledge and industry experience saves you money while keeping everyone safe and getting the job done.

When you absolutely must know what to do, because lives depend on it, we are here to help you.