Delivering excellence in Confined Space Training, Audits and Rescue Teams.

  • Unique & Responsive

    We pride ourselves on our internal and external training. This allows all Surveys to be safely undertaken by our teams, or your staff to be trained to do the job.
  • Custom built training facility

    Our custom bult training centre allows onsite real training, as well as training in the work enviroment.
  • Audit. Train. Adapt. Succeed.

    We know what we can do, we can train you to do it. Making your team more efficient and succeed at their duty.
  • ISO Accredited

    With the ISO 9001 in Quality Recognition and ISO 180001 in OHS (Occuptational Health and Safety).


Confined space training solutions…

Building on the experience gained over the last 26 years in the confined space industry, MW Training has, in the last 12 months invested in it’s business and people to enable it to meet the needs of their customers in a demanding ever changing industry.

Towards achieving their goal of “Delivering Excellence” MW Training has attained accreditation in the following areas, ISO 9001 and ISO 18001 thus enabling the company to be assessed against UK and international standards.

MW Training has developed a specialist consultancy service with recent contracts including the identification and classification of confined spaces, the development of structured training courses for managers, operatives and rescue teams and the recommending of access and safety equipment for the utilities and waste industry.

Whilst still holding true to it’s core values of the business, MW Training is pleased to offer it’s clients a full suite of nationally based confined space courses


Training. Confined space Audit,. Permit to work Audit. Lock out Tag Audit and many more… we are the only choice. Knowledge and flexibility are our keystone values.

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Mark Chapman


I did realise how much was involved with first aid in confined spaces until I did my traing at their centre. The information was clear and conscise and also practical. This was a straight to the point learning curve that at most training schools would take weeks. Fantastic.


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